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Jet Sport West Boating Association Race Series

Festival of FREERIDE - Lancelin 7th September Round 1-- Narrows 22nd September 2013 Round 2-- Narrows 20th October  2013 Round 3-- Burswood 17th November 2013 Round 4-- Narrows 1st December  2013 Round 5-- Lancelin Ocean Classic 11th January 2014 Round 6-- King of River Burswood 1st & 2nd of Feb 2014 Round 7-- Burswood 3rd March 2014 Round 8 --Manning Road  6th April 2014 Round 9-- Manning Road 4th May 2014 For more information please visit the Jetsports West Website...
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NSW Personal Watercraft Association – 2013 – 2014 Race Calendar

Great news, the 2013/14 Race calendar has been completed. The first round is on the 8/9/13 so start getting ready now! Round 2 at Cams Wharf is going to be a huge weekend of racing, the date will be finalized soon. It’s going to be a big season ahead, we all can’t wait for it to begin!   Race Calendar: Round No: 1 -  8/9/13  -  St George SC Round No: 2   TBC  –  Cams Wharf Round No: 3   24/11/13  -  St George SC Round No: 4  19/1/14  -  St George SC Round No: 5   16/3/14  -  St George SC Freeride Event   TBC  -  North Entrance Bridge to Bridge 2014  -  4/5/14  -  Wisemans Ferry to Windsor   NSWPWC...
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Annual General Meeting

The AGM(Annual General Meeting) of the AJSBA Inc. will be held on the 17th August 2013 at the Labrador Community Centre, 57 Billington St, Labrador, Gold Coast and will start at 2PM All AjSBA positions will be declared vacant. Nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and general committee members will close at 2PM on the 3rd August 2013 with the Agenda items may also be sent to at any time....
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