Monthly Archives: July 2014

AJSBA 2015 Australian National Tour

Welcome to the 2015 tour! The AJSBA looks forward to a great year ahead and welcomes everyone on board and get racing. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or AJSBA Tour Annoucement_July14 AJSBA Tour Dates_July14...
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Showroom Stock

An exciting change to the 2015 AJSBA Australian Tour is the introduction of a new class titled “Showroom Stock”. This class is intended to promote interest in a stock personal watercraft competition and will enable individuals to become active competitors with relatively modest investment and maintenance costs. All watercraft must remain strictly stock, except where rules allow or require substitutions or modifications. This class is a great way for racing to grow and the AJSBA will endeavor to develop this class to its full potential whilst also promoting watercraft-racing safety. Rules can be found...
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AJSBA Rider Classifications

The AJSBA's Rider Classifications have been aligned with that of the IJSBA to allow riders to progress through classifications that have international backing. It also provides riders the ability to translate their Australian classification to international racing. AJSBA Rider Classifications If you wish to request a classification change, please contact the
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