The AJSBA held their 2015 AGM on the Gold Coast on 25th July 2015.

New Committee:

President: Justin Belczowski

Vice President: Paul Leven

Treasurer: Tessa Phipps

Secretary: Tessa Phipps

General Committee: Nathan Wethered, Peter Hunter, Michael Richards, Eman Soliman.

While the success of the 2015 national tour was noted, due to the level of commitment required from a small number of committee members, the level of support received by the AJSBA for the 2015-16 committee and the wishes of competitors as canvassed by the PWC Racing Survey the AJSBA committee will not be pursuing a national tour in 2016.

A single, perhaps 3-day event was suggested in QLD for a national circuit championship event (April/May 2016) and the NSWPWC is working on an endurance event that could function as the endurance national championship (March/April 2016).

Full minutes available below:

2015 AJSBA AGM Minutes

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