2018 AGM Agenda update

The agenda for the 2018 AGM is a follows:

Date: Thursday 6 September 2018
Time: 7.15pm –
Location: Killara Golf Club, 556 Pacific Highway Killara NSW 2071

Conference Call Audio: Qld –Nth Qld -Vic –WA –

Members who intend on dialing in via a conference call are requested to agree a single location (ie local club, some ones house) and organize a conference call via Facebook messenger with Mark Glew (President) by 5.30pm on 4/9/18. We recommend that you have an external speaker for your phone or computer should there be more than 1 person.

1. Introduction
(Reminder voting by members only (life or license holders))
2. Minutes from previous AGM accepted.
3. Presidents Report (Mark Glew).
4. Treasurers Report (Paul Leven).
5. Secretary’s Report (Susan Lamprecht).
6. 2018 Race Calendar
7. Key Issues and strategic direction (Mark Glew)
8. AJSBA Committee Nominations and Acceptance (see table 1)

i. President
ii. Vice President
iii. Treasurer

i. Secretary
ii. General Committee
9. Handover to new executive officers.
10. Next General Committee meeting (determine date)
11. Meeting Closed

Current Nominations for Committee Positions (table 1)

Position Nomination 1 Nomination 2
President (Exec)
Vice President (Exec) – Cliff Ellmers
Treasurer (Exec) – Gavin Hughes
General Committee -Rob White, Paul Leven, Matthew Skelly, Corey Styles

Note: The constitution of the AJSBA requires that the committee shall constitute the officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer) and not less than 2 but no more than 7 other members. Hence a total committee of not less than 5 and not more than 10 committee members.

The current committee will be preparing and issuing prior to the meeting a summary of the key outcomes and matters relating to the AJSBA for consideration of the members.

Any further enquires can be made via:

Mark Glew
President, AJSBA

Click this link to download Agenda in PDF format

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