Social riding is a great aspect of the sport and the AJSBA encourages its members to enjoy their local waterways and time out on their personal watercraft. It is important to remember the protocol when organising events with regards to social riding.

Whilst most of us participate in large groups, often arranged on-line, enjoying the joys of riding Watercraft together every weekend, once these rides offer prizes, BBQ’s, or any other significant “organising” they are deemed to be an event and not just a social gathering. The affiliated Watercraft Clubs around the country are able to assist in these events with provision of expertise, Public Liability Insurance and the organisational skills to keep the event safe and our reputation as an industry sound.

As a result of many requests by social riding groups the AJSBA has created a clearly defined solution for organised social activities.


There is a naive assumption by some Personal Watercraft owners that their Watercraft insurance will indemnify them against any claim arising from them arranging what is deemed to be an event. There is no such coverage for “event organisers” in comprehensive watercraft insurance. For example, if a member of your event has an unexpected incident with a member of the public, and you are deemed to be an event organiser, your Personal Watercraft Insurance will not protect you from a Public Liability claim made on the “event”. You, as what is deemed to be the “event organiser”, have a duty of care and responsibility over your event and it’s participants.

If you are considering holding an event there is a simple way to get it right for everyone. Approach your local Club and discuss holding it in association with them. This will ensure you have all your requirements in order and the support of other like minded individuals. Social Riders can be covered from as little as $25 per day which is a subsidised rate costing the AJSBA in excess if this.

So protect yourselves and our industry responsibly and work with your local club if you are holding an event. Enjoy your social gatherings as often as you can!