AJSBA Nationals and Licensing Update 20180516


The following information if the for the members of the AJSBA and riders competing in the 2018 Australian Watercross Championships.

Over the past 5 weeks the AJSBA has re-established the way in which riders apply and receive license applications / upgrades. The following procedures will now apply:

  • New License Applications – All new / renewal license applications are to be submitted on the required membership application form and submitted to secretary@ajsba.org.au .
  • License Upgrade to Novice / Expert – Riders requesting an upgrade to either a novice or expert class license are to submit their request to secretary@ajsba.org.au and include a statement on how they believe they have meet the licensing requirements. ie: “I have completed 5 rounds of the NSWPWC series in 2018, and would like to be upgraded from Beginner to Novice class of license”.

Pro Class License Applications – Any request for a Pro Class license upgrade or new application will be reviewed by the AJSBA Race Committee. In order for a pro license to be considered by the race committee you need to provide a racing CV. This needs to clearly detail:

Racing results over the past 5 years at international, national and regional levels. It should include all Titles and significant race results including year, result, classes, race format (circuit / endurance).

Statement indicating how you believe you have meet the pro licensing requirements.

A pro class license is a privilege and not a right. It can be removed or downgraded by the AJSBA at any time. All racing CV’s associated with pro class licenses are to be sent with your application to secretary@ajsba.org.au and also president@ajsba.org.au .Once this is received the AJSBA will review your request for a pro license and advise of our decision.

The following updates are provided in relation to the above event.

1. Entries close for this event on 25 May 2018. All riders are to read the Competitor Information pack.

2. The allocated time on Friday 8 June for circuit practice is for circuit competitors only. Should endurance riders wish to test their PWC’s or water conditions, they can proceed to Croudace Bay Boat Ramp (in the bay to the south of Warners Bay, about 2 min away).

3. Any rider requesting a licensing classification change must submit this by the closing date for entries associated with the event (currently 25 May 2018). Please refer to the licensing requirements above.

4. Random Breath Testing and Random Drug Testing will occur for riders associated with this event. The NSW Water Police will be attending the event. Any rider that provides a positive test will be removed from competing at the event. Please note that includes any blood alcohol level above 0.

5. Once you have submitted your entry to the NSWPWC (as per the entry form), it will be reviewed by the AJSBA Race Committee. If accepted, you will receive a confirmation email accepting your entry.

6. Yamaha Supercharger

  • Q – Are you allowed to pin 2017 and older supercharger housings?
  • A – Strictly according to the rule book you are not allowed to do this under stock class rules as technically it is a modification of the supercharger. However there is no performance benefit and it is a well-known but minor reliability issue with Yamaha superchargers so I will allow it for the 2018 Australian Watercross Championships providing this is the only modification done to the supercharger.

Over the past 5 weeks the new committee of the AJSBA has been working closely with the NSWPWC to plan and deliver the 2018 WSM Performance Parts Australian Watercross Championships. This will continue over the coming 3 weeks before the event.

Aside from the Nationals, we have also been working on the following key matters:

  • Review of all Expert and Pro licensing.
  • Establishment of Race Committee which is reviewing all pro class licensing and rider entries associated with the Nationals.
  • Updating of all the AJSBA licensing from the past 11 months.
  • Review of alternative licensing management systems.
  • Consultation with each AJSBA affiliate club on key issues.
  • 2018/19 AJSBA budget preparations.
  • Consideration of a strategic plan (5 year) and business plan (1 year) for the future of the AJSBA.
  • Review of the AJSBA structure and committee structures.
  • Preparations for the reopening of the Coronial Inquest relating to Joesph Scaturchio from 2012.

If you have any specific question in relation to the AJSBA please contact the undersigned at president@ajsba.org.au .
Mark Glew
President, AJSBA

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