AJSBA Statement Re: Eman Soliman

I refer to the Media Release (18.3.17) by Eman Soliman concerning her Sexual Harassment complaint to the AJSBA regarding Corey Styles. The AJSBA believes that this matter should have remained private between two individuals but now that the complainant has published details on Facebook and it has  entered the public arena I feel that I have no choice but to respond.

This incident was referred to the AJSBA some months ago and has been dealt with comprehensively by the AJSBA. Under our code of conduct Corey was counselled and a warning letter was sent to him. He also apologised in person after I mediated between the two parties. Corey understands that his comments on facebook were unwarranted and unnecessary.

The AJSBA believes that there have been no further incidents and any claims to the contrary are erroneous. Contrary to claims of inaction the AJSBA has done all it can to settle this dispute amicably. I have advised the complainant of this and if she still feels aggrieved then she should move into another jurisdiction which would be the correct place for these further assertions.

I believe that there is no basis for any continuing action on the AJSBA’s part.

Ross Moore – President

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