Announcement: Kawasaki SXR1500 re 2017 Australian Championship

This new ski is a quantum leap in ski racing and as such has presented problems deciding where it fits into the Australian Championship. As we run under 2016 rules it does not fit in ski class as it is too big. The IJSBA has accommodated it it in the 2017 rules for the 2017 World Finals. The link is below for those interested…/ijsba-releases-new-2017-ski-stock-r…/ The ski will only be publicly available for a short time prior to the championships and so there is a level field we therefore have decided to have a new class Stock 1500 4 stroke Ski. Subject to the following criteria.
1.Juniors are not allowed to ride the SXR1500.
2.There must be 7 skis entered in the class.
3.2016 Stock Class rules apply.
4. Stock Ignitions must be used.(no reflashes)

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