Competition Types

Competitive Personal Watercraft Racing is extremely diverse and caters for every level of rider. From local club races at a state level to racing internationally at the World Finals, participation with like-minded friends is what the AJSBA encourages.  It is up to each individual how far they would like to progress with their personal watercraft racing. Below is a list of just some of the activities that both the AJSBA and affiliate state clubs provide;


Stand Up Watercraft

Runabout Watercraft

Sports Watercraft

Closed Course Racing

Endurance racing

Social Riding

Time Trial Racing

Freeride and Freestyle Competitions

Ocean Racing

Caters for ages from Junior through to Veterans. Both women and men are encouraged to compete.

Classes cater for all skill levels including Junior, Beginner, Novice, Expert and Professional*

*Certain criteria must be met in order to race in Expert and Professional classes.