Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct is for all competitive members, social members, day members and licence holders of the Australian Jet Sport Boating Association and must be abided by at all times by the participant, pit crew, family members and rider sponsors. Australian Jet Sports Boating Association encourages good sportsmanship and professionalism at all levels of participation for your association, club, track, riders, officials and parents.


  • Treat all participants in your sport as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Control your temper: verbal abuse, threats and physical violence are not acceptable behaviours.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants, regardless of their ability, gender or cultural background.
  • Be a good role model: be safe, responsible and set a good example outside of organised racing events, especially when on the water.
  • Act within the rules of the sport at all times.
  • Respect the decisions of officials at all times.
  • Remember to treat with respect and thank fans, fellow competitors, mechanics, volunteers, team members and officials. Without these people, the sport could not exist.
  • Adhere to Australian Jet Sports Boating Association Pit Rules & Regulations and the Australian Jet Sports Boating Association Drug & Alcohol Policy.
  • Respect the waterways operators by adhering to the rules and guidelines of each waterway.
  • Be environment conscious: keep your area clean and treat spills appropriately. Leave your area as you would like to find it.

For Racers:

  • Always comply within the rules.
  • Always compete to the best of your ability, with honour and integrity.
  • Avoid arguing with marshals and officials – most marshals have volunteered their time and services to ensure your race runs smoothly, safely and efficiently.
  • Treat all competitors as you would like to be treated – do not interfere with, bully or take advantage of any other participant. This includes using email or social media to bully or slander competitors.
  • Avoid the use of coarse or derogatory language.
  • It is your duty to maintain the safety of all other competitors at all times.
  • Do not question an official’s judgement/honesty in public or on a public forum.
  • Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials and sledging of other competitors, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not acceptable or permitted behaviours.
  • Be a good sport. Applaud good performances. Compliment and encourage all participants. Positive comments are motivational. The better the competition, the better you will become.
  • Condemn unsporting behaviour and promote respect for all components.
  • Competitors are responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of any person associated with them, such as family, mechanics and sponsors.
  • Treat all competitors as you would like to be treated. Do not interfere with, bully, or take advantage of another participant.
  • Do not use coarse or derogatory language.
  • Compete within your skill levels. Only try to extend these skills when there is no likelihood of danger to others, and personal risk is controlled.
  • Recognise the importance of volunteers. They give their time to be able to provide racing events.
  • Show appreciation for coaches, officials, administrators and supporters. Without them you would not be able to compete.
  • Place the safety and welfare of other participants above all else. Do not compete in a way that endangers yourself, your opponents or officials.

For Officials:

  • Be impartial, consistent and objective at all times.
  • Place the safety and welfare of all participants above all else.
  • Ensure the spirit of competition is maintained.
  • Be understanding and co-operative in the interpretation and application of rules and penalties.
  • Condemn unsporting behaviour and promote respect for all competitors.

For Parents:

  • Encourage children to participate to the best of their ability.
  • Focus upon the child’s performance rather than the overall outcome of the event.
  • Teach children that an honest effort is as important as victory.
  • Encourage your children to follow the rules and respect the work and decisions of officials and marshals.
  • Remember that children are involved in racing for their enjoyment – not yours.
  • Set a good example by avoiding the use of derogatory or abusive language, respect officials and marshals and never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during competition.

Social Media

  • Australian Jet Sports Boating Association encourages participation in online social media in a positive manner. The accessible nature of the internet however, can lend itself to the posting of threatening and derogatory material in the heat of the moment.
  • Once your thoughts and comments are published to the internet they are visible to the world – and they are permanent. Australian Jet Sports Boating Association takes all cases of cyber bullying seriously and will treat online matters as it would ‘real world’ bullying or slandering.
  • Breaching the Code of Conduct or bringing the sport into disrepute online can lead to serious consequences, including tribunals, suspensions and the cancellation of the offender’s Australian Jet Sports Boating Association membership and licence.

Australian Jet Sports Boating Association Discipline and Tribunals

  • The AJSBA committee may suspend a riders membership/licence for breaches of this code.
  • The race director has the authority to discipline riders, owners, riders sponsors and/or pit crew for violation of the AJSBA rules. This discipline may involve disqualification, exclusion from an event, and/or ejection from the race site.
  • The race director may disqualify, exclude or eject the rider, owners, sponsors or pit crew for any of the following violations: ‐
  • Vulgarity, offensive language or unsportsmanlike actions directed towards officials, spectators or other participants;
  • Failure to abide by theAJSBA race rules;
  • Failure to comply with watercraft requirements or Pit crew non‐compliance with regulations
  • Use of intoxicating beverages and/or drugs;
  • Unwillingness to accept an official’s decision or Verbal or physical abuse of any official;
  • Participation in an event without holding a valid membership\licence
  • Providing inaccurate or false information to any officials or any official document.

The Line – An Australian Government Initiative

Sometimes there’s no argument about where to draw the line – there are some things you should just never do. Sometimes the line can be blurry. For more advice on what is and isn’t considered acceptable behaviour, as well as some terrific resources for parents and guardians, visit


Australian Jet Sports Boating Association expects all Licence holders to uphold the Australian Jet Sports Boating Association Code of Conduct and as such, treats allegations of poor conduct and bringing the sport of watercraft into disrepute very seriously. To learn more about Australian Jet Sports Boating Association’s disciplinary process and tribunals, contact Australian Jet Sports Boating Association Head Office on 0418 958 934 or

If you have questions about what constitutes acceptable content, please contact Australian Jet Sports Boating Association on 0418 958 934 or