Notes for Riders at the 2017 Australian WaterCross Championships 2017

As per all racing the Race Directors decision is final. This year there are 3 Race Directors to spread the load. The AJSBA and the QPWC are putting this event on and a great deal of work by many people has gone into making it as enjoyable as possible.

This year we are partnering with the ‘Lifestyle by the Bay’ festival. It will be extremely busy on the race site as they are expecting 15000+ people to attend. Jet Ski Racing in Australia has never been attempted on a scale such as this in Australia. We ask that you carefully consider your actions on the site and refrain from doing anything that will show our sport in a bad light. Several levels of Government and a mass of general public and families will be attending so bear that in mind.

The AJSBA has built this years events for the riders. The officials will be happy to hear from you during the event if you have any comments regarding how things are running and anything we can do to improve the experience for you.

Parking at the site

As we are partnering with the ‘Lifestyle by the Bay’ festival parking will be at a premium. There will be no parking in the carpark or on the road from the traffic lights to the carpark. Parking will also be prohibited south of the lights at Pelican Park. So all entrant parking will be on the road north of the traffic lights. Trailers will be allowed on the grass in a specific area north of the toilet block. This area will be marked and trailers can be deposited here. No cars are allowed on the grass so the trailers will have to be moved there by hand.

Parking will at times be difficult but ask that you get to the site early on 30th and 31st and get a parking spot. We also ask that you use the trailer parking area so that more cars can be parked on the road. The existing carpark will be taken up with sponsor booths and the fenced off tech and official  area.

Registration at the site

Registration will commence at 12 midday on Friday 28th April. Call in, register and pick up your riders package and tickets to the ‘Lifestyle by the Bay’ festival. Souvenir T shirts will also be available for purchase.

Safety Inspection will be open then for your PWC to be checked by the Tech team. You will need your PWC/Helmet/Lifejacket at this time. A sticker will be applied to your ski and helmet. This must remain in place for the duration of the event. If you have spare PWC/Helmets get them done at this time also. Lifejackets should conform to Australian standards. Check the AJSBA website for details.

There will be no riding in the permit area on Friday as the track will be setting up and our safety team will be practicing in the area. Practice should be available for an hour or so after 3PM but you will be advised on the day. Remember practise is not racing and is only to familiarise riders with the course.

Pit Tents

Pit tent positions will be allocated. You will be told where you can put your tent. They will be on the grass immediately behind the beach. There will be no pit tents allowed in any other area. The organisers have complete control of the area and you should ask the beach staff where you can erect your tent.


Refuelling PWC’s is prohibited by the Moreton Council at the race site. We have tried to get a refuelling area many times but have been unsuccessful. Therefore refuelling can only be done at the boat ramp. Every few races one of the rescue skis will be used to transport fuel cans to the boat ramp. This will mean increased traffic past the rock wall. You are to not pass through this area while a race is in progress. The Race Directors will manage this traffic so as not to interfere with any racing.

Riders Meeting

Rider Meeting will be conducted at 6PM Friday inside the ‘Lifestyle by the Bay’ festival. It is mandatory for riders only to attend this briefing. If you have friends/partners with you then they are welcome to enter the festival area but are not to attend the Riders Meeting. There will some food and beverage outlets open at this time for riders to socialize after the meeting.

Scoring & Transponders

This year we will be using electronic scoring for the first time. It will consist of a transponder which all riders will wear on their ankle with a velcro strap. The finish line will have an underwater antenna to register when a transponder passes over it. The system is used in other countries for PWC racing and is used in car racing /marathons etc. worldwide. We will also have backup manual scorers in the event the system fails or the weather become unsuitable for it.


Racing will start at 8AM conditions permitting. A full list of the race order will be produced as soon as all entries are in. We anticipate that the Enduro will run at the end of the day. The enduro will be a Le Mans start.

The start will be in its usual position near the rock wall. Starting will be by using the 1-2 board as normal. Staging areas will be to the north of this. After a race starts the next race PWC’s will move to the start line immediately. All races should run to the timetable so be ready and in the staging area two races before you are due to start. If for some reason you cannot be there speak to the officials and they will notify the Race Director so he can decide whether to hold the start or not.


Racing will commence at 8AM and will follow the format in the programme.


The AJSBA/QPWC have complete control of the site both on land and on water. Personal photography by racers and their friends is permitted however video and still photography to be used publicly or on websites that have not been approved by the organisers is prohibited. This rule is part of our permit requirements from the council.

Anyone attempting to flout this rule will be removed from the site by security.


The presentation will be at the Belvedere hotel at Woody point at 6.30PM for a 7.00PM start. It will be in the upstairs room and will finish before 10PM. You are then invited to go downstairs and use the hotel facilities if you wish. There will be a bar upstairs and food can be ordered from there.

More notes will be added later in the week as smaller details are firmed up.



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