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The Australian Jet Sports Boating Association is the Australian representative body for all Personal Watercraft Racing. We aim to help promote, organize and supervise personal watercraft events in a Professional & Safe manner within our aquatic communities.
  • 2015 Yamaha Australia Jetcross Championship
    After seven rounds, three states, a cyclone, 139 races and 217 trophies the 2015 Yamaha Australian Jetcross Championships have drawn to a close. The AJSBA wishes to...
  • Championship Results
    The AJSBA is excited to announce the final championship results for the 2015 Yamaha Australia Jetcross Tour.  Ski: 2015 Yamaha Jetcross Championship Results Runabout: 2015 Yamaha Jetcross...
    Please be advised that the final tour round being Round 7, WILL remain on the 23rd May 2015. There are no truth to rumours that it will...