About the AJSBA

Australian Jet Sports Boating Association (AJSBA) is the peak representative organisation of the Australian Personal Watercraft Industry.

We are a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers who give up their time to grow the sport and it’s reputation within the community.

The AJSBA’s Charter

Mission Statement: The Australian Jet Sports Boating Association (AJSBA)’s mission is to continually educate our membership on environmentally friendly and safe personal watercraft (PWC) riding practices and to help promote, organise and supervise personal watercraft events in a professional and safe manner within our aquatic communities.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to continually grow and improve personal watercraft’s positive image and proactive participation within our aquatic leisure communities and governmental authorities.

AJSBA Core Values:

  • Fun and safety first
  • Zero environmental harm, maximum fun
  • Foster enjoyment through safe and healthy PWC use
  • We believe in a sense of personal watercraft use pride and value-adding education for our members and the general public.

AJSBA Goals:

  • To further the interests of the AJSBA membership by providing a wide range of quality personal watercraft activities, services and benefits
  • To undertake activities aimed at advancing the sport
  • To be an effective and unified voice for the sport
  • To collect and disseminate information relating to the sport
  • To promote and grow positive general public personal watercraft awareness
  • To promote safety through education
  • To produce home-grown World Title holders.


The AJSBA is affiliated with the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA). This relationship allows us to share and grow the best practices around the world and to have our riders compete at the highest level – The World Finals. We have an envious and proud history of success at this event.

We have now entered an era of running under the guidance and regulations of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). This has provided us with access to the same governance as other Motorsports such as CAMS & Speedway Australia.

In addition to governance and guidance, sanctioning of events is provided to the Affiliated Clubs of the AJSBA. They, in turn hold events with the governance, expertise and Public Liability Insurance (PLI) required by law to protect all events and their related permitting bodies such as Goverments, environmental water parks etc.

We represent all interested parties in the personal watercraft industry from racers through to tow-in surfing, social riders, freeriders, personal watercraft dealers and wave riders alike. The best way for you to support the industry that supports the sport you love is to become a member.

If you then wish to participate in the various activities that take place around Australia you will choose which level of  licensing is best for you. The classes avaliable can be found within the Membership Information.



Watercraft racing is a dangerous sport and all competitors are given an oppurtunity to withdraw from racing at the Rider’s Meeting which is held before each race.

Within all racing, there are associated risks which are carefully calculated at each event the AJSBA is associated with. Experience at both a national and international level tells us that an enforced class system based on ability is a way to control these risks presented. Rules and regulations are to ensure the safety of racers, officials, spectators and the general public. Events are often held on public waterways hence there is a Public Liability risk which also needs to be managed.